In the past three months, my county has lost one hundred thousand lives to the novel COVID19. For a country whose population has upwards of four hundred million individuals claiming it as home, it can be seen as a drop in the bucket. But for the globe, that is over one millennium of effort gone. Because the value of a life is more than the body, it is the effort it takes to become human.

To make an actual human of any kind, two parties must come to the bed or shared space willing to create. And that is, regardless of the initial intent of the mating, all it will take. Then the nurturer must be in a space where they can, for lack of a better term, incubate. This incubation period takes seven to ten months depending on the social/economic status of the incubator’s community and support platforms they have access to and the health and mental well being of the incubator and what the world needs from the seed, providing that seed needs to see the light of day.

We could sidebar into how abortion rights and body autonomy of the incubator/incubated are needed but that is not the purpose of the essay. The goal of this essay is the time and energy lost with every life to this virus and how when we lose one, we lose the efforts and time of many. Because if we put that number of seconds into the lives lost to COVID, we would hit the trillions without needed a second wind.

And that is why the number of lives lost to anything senseless should matter to people. You are the most valuable thing around you. There was a lot of work into making you and we can not get that back. All those experiences that have not been captured, all that history wasted away for someone to be taken away in a day. And yet, while the numbers keep ticking away, we try to return to the way things use to be and kill other people of minority groups senselessly as if they are the enemy.

Fear is the air surrounding you. Fear is knowing that you are the possible carrier. Fear is acknowledging that you by existing can make an impact on the world around you. Fear is saying that in order to be a true member of society, you have to follow all the rules.