A study in patience…

As humans, we are prone to look for signs in everything. And with the world navigated by the seasons, it is easy to see why. I am not averse to it overall as I begin this slow entrance into the Veil of sorts. I am helping a sun child get prepared for her next step the best I can by keeping her calm and talking her down from the cliff in her mind.

Looking at my life over the past decade, housing has been a slow burn problem. For the first three years in my home, I was good. I loathed my jobs to varying degrees but paying my bills was not an issue until the middle of the decade. And then it became a hassle to keep up with my mortgage. By the time I was 30+, I went into financial mediation twice. In the second mediation, I made up my mind about leaving the property instead of having it taken from me after all my work to make it a home for me and my roommates.

It was a good move. And in some way, prepared me for my struggle in the following months. It has also been a reminder to do good things even when the world beats you up. But it takes strength in your belief. And faith is a delicate thing. I recall the song from The Prince of Egypt that that speaks of endurance through times of peril and how that ended up when they gloated. It is intoxicating to be free of a burden but it does not mean to get cocky. You still have work to do. Celebrate for the moment then go back to the practice of being good. Because as easy as it may be to think you are on top of the world, it is easy to be knocked off.

Do good and good will come back to you. But don’t be a fool. Avoid being stupid too.

Ah. That is all I have for you.


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