I am not too proud in myself not to accept help. As I started on this epic quest for my soulmate, I pulled cards that indicated I should accept help as it was given. And if my quest is any indication, I am grateful for the experience and the people that helped me out of it. While I wait for the next stage of my personal epic, let’s salute the people that assisted me on the way.

I would not have chosen to wait until my goddess commanded it of me. Once I figured out what kind of wait this is going to be, it frustrated me. It stills does on occasion. But I am grateful for the Greek woman that did my cup reading. I met her around noon and she had a partner with her that wanted to visit my soulmate’s country of origin. The place we went to have the cup reading was a music venue, another hint at my soulmate’s gifts. Her wearing my favorite color and sharing a birthday of my brother kind of sealed the deal. Her reading paved the way for me to leave my city finally.

I did not leave the EU right away, however. I went to worship in a circle with other pagan individuals on the island before I was swept out of the country. It was during the last physical circle I attended in that country that my goddess gave a message to my spirit guide. She conveyed it along with a card pull that struck me intensely. Some of the things about those cards have yet to come to fruition but I stand ready for everything. I revisited this guide and she invoked another orisha from my pantheon to a degree and sent me on my way to my home country years earlier than I was planning. My spirit guide helped me put in place a way to fight this displacement. It ended up failing but at least I had her ensuring I was not harassed en route to the airport

There was a neighbor in my parent’s place of residence that was helpful for my sanity and helpful human contact. She would ensure that my parent had someone to check his erratic actions. Her involvement in my life during that time period kept me hopeful about the wait I was dealing with and gave me an avenue to speak about my ordeal. Helping her helped me see how if I had made other choices that this quest would have been a different kind of messy.

I will never be able to repay my aunt who took me in for the last part of my awakening. I loathed being in her place since it brought up latent feelings about my mother doing the same thing and, as I mentioned in other essays, she and the other residents of her home have not looked into the healing practices of therapy. Despite those obstacles, I have been preparing for the next leg of my journey in her place of safety. I value that time every day.

There is the assistance of another witch that helped me explore my witch gifts. She was a blessing in affirming things that I was experiencing. She invoked the orisha of the crossroads when I chose to go and helped me get to a place of plateau before I went home for the next part of my road. While we are still miles apart, we have helped each other see through our collective darkness. I look forward to the next parts to start.

My other friends in this quest have been a big help. I have not lost as many as I expected or at least I have not lost all forms of contact. I have culled my pack prior to my travels and I don’t miss many despite what appeared like setbacks. Even those breaks were needed in some capacity if I choose to look at them like that. But with my move, I can get some pen pals back.

The people mentioned did not always give me something. Often being in their presence was enough to be a blessing. They offered insight into different variants of life. They helped me process things that were occurring in my life. I looked forward to spending time with my other witches and celebrating the night. Even when our time together was infrequent.

They help me heal through my breaking/awakening.


Reviewing words that need a drink menu.

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