I Shall Not Want but…

In my quest of looking at my inability to want, I recall my Sony Vaio and how that became my prized possession.

Like many other Christian families, I was raised with the adage, I Shall Not Want. At the tender age of seven, when I told my mom how my dad was going out to cheat on her, I recall looking at this piece of art while she pressed out my hair. It always puzzled me why need and want were at odds. I tried not to want things or people. Most of the time, I succeeded I think But there were five exceptions that came along in my life:

A corset.

A planisphere.

Sailor Moon the Entire Series.

Xena: Warrior Princess The Entire Series.

Sony Vaio.

I did not always back it up.

I never lost my data but I did lose access to it several times. I replaced the hard drive twice, the keyboard once. And then the graphics card died in September before the tsunami came. I should have backed up. I didn’t. I can still get my information but it was a warning I could have heeded for tsunami. My Sony Vaio was the sole constant in my bedroom. I would fall asleep with it in my bed every night. I would take it to the bathroom with me. It was my Gabrielle essentially. I was not very nice to it in that sense.

Now I have to wait for tsunami to come to me in the fall and my Sony is not able to be my comfort in this wait. I get to keep this person eventually. They will be constant in my haven eventually.

I can not wait to begin waking up to someone.



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