I have spent way to much time making friends in green rooms. So my filter for what is deemed private is tied to the number of people around and if it is a professional setting. After that, I am a loose cannon of information. For most people, it is refreshing. I will cheerfully talk about anything that comes to my mind. Somethings, according to the woman’s code, should be left unsaid.

I don’t always follow that.

I remember being in the office of the synagogue discussing public restrooms and I was mentioned how the gendering of restrooms was silly if they were designed with privacy in mind. I do not know why most doors do not go to the top or to the bottom. If you need to pass toilet paper, there should be a door between the stalls for this like the ones in clinics for samples. It keeps the option of a peeping tom out of the mind of people and could, in theory, kill the opportunity of theft in business ones.

I prefer that all public stalls be single-seaters and big enough for a wheelchair.

But back to disgusting my boss. I was looking at a video about sanitary napkin access for the homeless and how you can not buy these items on food stamps. So in my open thinking, I put two and two together on why female restrooms have no toilet paper, homeless women are making quick use pads. My boss sprouted wings on that admission. My co-worker was shocked. And for a second or two, I was like why? He has children. He has a wife.

Ugh. Guys.

So with that idea in my head, things started to make sense of why this is the option for women and how it won’t change in the current practice. If I don’t tell you about the basic care of my period, you are bound to forget about it. And it makes sense. As women embrace a post-menopause life, they don’t need to carry on their person anymore and enjoy the freed up purse space. They don’t neglect to carry purses or bags as those things are dead useful. But it is that out of sight, out of mind practice. It is like me on condoms. In my limited sexual encounters and primarily with women, I have been comfortable with just getting tested and the practice of good hygiene.

Let me tell you, I have not had a yeast infection since I was twelve years old and I am not looking forward to reliving that experience. For women and our internal genitalia, we are incubators and men are the carriers. So unwashed, there is a hotbed for bacteria. Most people are disconnected from listening to their bodies so minor itches and skin changes don’t make the average individual say, “Hey, my body is changing. Why?”

So our collective silence is a crippling sidebar to our equality in this Western society we are pushing is making half the world’s population uncomfortable because we don’t talk to each other. We have periods. They make us hate everything once a month. Educate the masses and let us move forward.

Taking my words out to ‘lunch’.