It has been a year of self-discovery for everyone. At least, I hope it has been. For me, it has been a year of regular writing. I have been longing to write my whole life in some aspect. I have always loved the tools of the craft. I have enjoyed a few months of the practice and relapsed into nothing despite having the time to make it a hobby. Doing this, committing to it, feels rather nice. I like that I am trying to write every day of my life. Granted, some of the days, I have missed out but I always came back strong. And in this year, my pauses did not last too long. So let’s talk about pleasures in this one.

I don’t douse my pleasures with the taint of guilt. They are my pleasures and I plan to enjoy them to the hilt. Some of them are private but I will not equate a need for discretion in my passion as something I can not take joy in. It is possible that some of my pleasures are considered a sin but I am not a perfect homo sapien. Besides, who’s perfect are we seeking?

That is a different consideration but back to pleasuring and being pleased in some capacity. I like to take showers and to be clean mostly. COVID has made me lazy on enjoying this daily since I really do not go anywhere these days. But I do like putting on lotion after them. Another thing COVID has made me lazy about. It makes me wonder if I enjoy these daily ablutions was it the acts or the daily reclaiming of myself that helped me get through my 9 to 5 career. I think it was more that than anything. Showering gave me a space to wash my day away and embrace myself again. I still take pleasure in keeping clean but it does not hold the same meaning now I am not working at someplace that is not helping my calling.

I adore crafting alone or with people. I would long for bitch and stitches in the burlesque community. I never got to do many. I enjoy the energy of doing them alone that I create in but I love to share that love with other crafters. To me, making is a magic practice in some capacity. It is a space to create something that lives beyond me. When I was fixated on mot having any children, I looked at creating as a happy medium. I was still making and having an impact on my world. I was still leaving something behind and making the world better in some aspects. Or leaving something beautiful for the world may accept. Even if it did not happen. It was nice to make whatever I was practicing.

That feeds into my love for the process. I really like the ritual or place of zen one lives in while creating. I like the research for inspiration. And I like sharing those ideas with the people around me. It makes space for potential. It makes space for the deities. It teaches a level of prayer in a sense. And I like to worship from that space.

I really enjoy learning and sharing in this space. I love sharing ideas and practices that I am interested in. I like watching people their own crafts or embracing their own calling for the universe. It fills my soul to see people loving their work. I like to be able to nurture that joy in other people. I see it as both a pleasure and hard work. And while it can be hard, like raising a family will be, it is also like being a teacher. You give the tools a person needs so they can succeed and find their own path to worship the deities and honor the ancestors around supporting their lineages.

There is a pleasure in eating that my tsunami enjoys to some capacity since food is a link to his culture in this migrant country. I am sure if this country offered more opportunities for him to speak his own language, he would still find joy in his country’s food but it would not be a passion project in some sense. It makes me a bit sad that his joy has a dual meaning in some sense but it a link to his lineage since recipes are a knowledge passed along with the dish (or should be in some sense).

I have not had the pleasure of looking forward to the bed space as a pleasure place. I look forward to that changing every day with tsunami. I have been told by hedonists that the joy in touch is what makes that space pulse in a way. I look at the space as the ultimate creation ritual. It is something we have been gifted- the ability to bring life into this world. It what the deities started and gifted to us. It is also a space of celebration- to be gloriously human when it is treated that way. I like the idea of that happening at every time two or more people get together to take in sexual pleasure but sadly that is not always the case. I like that it can be a healing space despite that people abuse that element of being vulnerable enough to receive it.

There are many more pleasures I take part in, like a good walk and pooping after a good meal (a good meal mind you, not one that ran through you). But that is all I am willing to share with you.

Taking adjectives out to ‘lunch’ to see what two cocktails does to their tongues.