I love jewelry. I love jewelry making, the craft of metalworking, the blend of weaving into wearable art, and beading in general. I like to shop around in this realm, discovering the new ideas set up and practiced in this realm and how pieces in this space educate people about the tools of the trade, patience to achieve the crafter’s desired result, and just the joy of making something that will matter. In this space, I will browse for things that inspire ideas on my fashion choices and appreciate the culture’s influence on my world as it stands today. So let’s talk about shopping in this essay.

I am not a fashionista but I do like clothes. I adore a good dress that looks good on my form. I do not think fashion should be a place of vanity in some capacity. I think about the movie, The Devil Wears Prada in how the world around fashion influences what people think of each other when the choices of personal armor and self-expression should be celebrated as these are the choices the party has made for themselves to adorn themselves with that day. I like fashion in that way. The way someone chooses to adorn their body and step out of they, mostly perceived safety spaces, to assist the skin that protects them. I value the choices people make and compliment the ones I would either want for myself or make me think the wearer is really enjoying themselves that day.

I did not enjoy fashion in South Korea. Not because of the fashion so much as the size restrictions. I, as a larger woman, was not in the typical build the women of South Korea. I was told that the introduction of Western food has added a new weight class to their people and while the men in the culture had clothing that was able to accommodate the additional pounds, the clothing catering to women was not available to many that fell into my weight class. I was troubled by this. Not only because I could not enjoy their unique brands and various style that have evolved from their past, but that individuals that wanted to embrace their ultra-feminine were not given this daily ritual of self-exploration to discover themselves anew each day.

I don’t like label whore either. I may have mentioned in various essays around my mother who’s vision board was mostly covered in the gems of the decade as one of her primary desire. I have reflected on this memory on and off as my mother continues to long for the finer things in life. She acts as if the knowledge of the of the label is the sole ethos for owning it. I acknowledge that some bragging about a love for a brand will occur as the brand needs the opportunity to celebrate itself and its customer base being swept up in this, but the aspect of inciting jealousy or envy in this space, bothers me.

I also openly loathe the vanity sizing that has been introduced into the culture with waif-thin models parading down runways. I prefer a celebration of all body types in all spaces. I gathered from my South Korea experience that within a culture not as diverse as America’s one can tailor the body types to a certain range based on the diet of the region. It is moderately interesting to see this and understand why my size was not carried. It also showed how the effects of American diet is making a varied impact on the different peoples that live here.

I think about this as I need to rebuild my wardrobe again. I still long for my pieces in Malta but my weight loss suggest that I won’t be able to get back into it anytime soon. Add to that my tsuami wants a kid in the near future, I may need to put that wardrobe on the back burner until I let that baby out of my womb. We will see. I still await the second round of my vaccine shot.


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