For the majority of my life, I never believed in soulmates. When I learned that love potions were a literal device, I stopped thinking about some magical device linking people. I always thought successful relationships were built on mutual respect and admiration for the other partner and a willingness to learn the partner and share your life with them. I looked at relationships as a willingness to do daily maintenance with a person that turns you on. That was my belief until I met tsunami. He is my soulmate and I look forward to seeing him again every day. But I did not come to believe he was my soulmate easily. It took being away from him and my quick switch of using the term in conversation with a classmate that made me think about soulmates being a possibility. So let’s talk about soulmates in this essay.

I think a bond of such caliber has to be linked to the spiritual plane and third eye realm. The term soulmate is used too lightly in some spaces when one is fed the idea that we are twin souls separated at birth seeking our other half. I don’t think we come into existence as divided halves. We are born whole beings and will leave the world as whole beings. Soulmates in my opinion are people, mostly two individuals, that walk the world in sync.

The sync is the key to a soul mate relationship. And the sync is based on how many moon cycles one completes in their births I think. Not in the monthly moon cycles, although those gave me the idea to look at this, your date of birth is a power of its own. That is where the moon cycles take some level of precedence. Since the power of the moon passes over three days, the power of a moon cycle will also impact your life over three years where you have a full moon or new moon on your day of birth. When I started to examine why I was drawn to tsuami and told I could end for him, I began to look at our connection from this level and discovered that we share moon risings at every step we have a moon to celebrate. It made me think about how such a rotation may ensure that we walk the world in sync.

Looking at my own relationship with the moon had me looking at the moon’s relationship to the older religions that cover the world. Muslims and Jewish people both follow a lunar calendar. Such continuous practices in following this pattern ensure there is a level of power in the moon’s rotation and keeping a third realm link to the divine in some capacity. Armed with this knowledge, I looked at other relationships around me to see if there was any relationship. I took time to plot out the members of my family and discovered that the people I have a strong connection with have the same amount of moons as me or close enough to activate my third realm connection.

Take for instance my best friend. She has 23 moons in her life to my 24. We have always felt a kinship but not so similar that we would walk in sync. She is what may be considered soul family in some spaces but more so I think the amount of moons dictates the depth of the person being a medium to the divine plane. Everyone has a link to the divine but the need to act in that space is heightened based on your relationship to the moon. The same may be true of numerology but that is not my strong suit at the present.

But when you consider that the practice of astrology is practiced globally, you have to take into consideration that the planets have some impact on your daily life. When you look at the body as being 70% water, we are walking worlds and our blood can be moved like the tides. I learned that people with blood-based illnesses are more sensitive to sea pressures than others so tidbits like that enhance my belief in this connection.

A benefit of the soulmate connection is the link on the divine realm. Tsunami and I have a powerful connection. I can feel his emotions in the extreme on occasion. Not sure how that works out at the moment but I believe since we walk in sync through the divine realm that it is enhanced by the divine.

Tsunami is the lover of my soul. We are linked in other ways through the divine plane so waiting for him to come back is needed. It is why his link was the ethos of my awakening. I need more information or time to observe other awakenings to write about them but today, I believe in soulmates. I don’t think everyone has one nor do I think that each soulmate is a romantic relationship. One of my fellow witches has a soulmate in her sister. Their connection is a discussion of sisterhood and family. When they lived together, they shared the same dreams. My friend who has been awakened can feel the other sister’s emotions to a degree.

My other fellow witch saw her soulmate in a vision. When she met her soulmate, she fell in love. Her partner felt she was a reflection of himself. Together they will be fine. Looking at those soul people, I am comfortable with my wait for the lover of my soul. I am looking forward to a different and physical hold, however.


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